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Initiative Correction Roller 4.2mmx6m Pack of 1 Simple quick clean and easy to use. Produces a flat surface after correction. No drying time required. Covers written and printed errors. Leaves no copy or fax shadows.
(75.66% discount)
Inc Vat £1.43
Initiative Thermal Chip and Pin rolls 57x55x12.7mm Single Ply A grade White Pack of 1 Suitable for most thermal and chip & pin printers. Quality thermal paper rolls from sustainable sources
(43.88% discount)
Inc Vat £41.75
Inc Vat £603.36
Initiative Correction Fluid 20ml Pack of 10 Quick drying white correction fluid that allows perfect coverage for all inks. Tapered brush design ensures accurate. No mess corrections. Will not crack when written on.
(79.24% discount)
Inc Vat £5.63
3M Post-It Note Tape-658H Pack of 1 Rolls of tape with the same adhesive qualities as Post-it notes Ideal for typing corrections, temporary blocking out of copy for photocopying or temporary labelling For 6 line correction Width: 25mm Pack of 12 Rolls
Inc Vat £11.02
Inc Vat £6.26
Correction Tape Roller (Pack of 10) WX01593 Pack of 10 Economical tape roller. Correct mistakes with white tape. Write on instantly after use. Ergonomic dispenser shape. Pack of 10 dispensers.
Inc Vat £69.94
Pritt Compact Correction Roller 4.2mm Pack of 10 Quick clean accurate and easy to usehandy compact size disposable correction rollerergonomically designed to fit easily into your handtape. 4.2mm x 8.5M.
Inc Vat £40.07
Inc Vat £5.59
Pritt Correct-it ECOmfort Correction Roller Pack of 10 Quick clean accurate and easy to use. Simply roll over text and write on instantly. Cap pulls down to protect nib. Tape length: 8.5 Metres. Packed 10.
Inc Vat £40.56
Q-Connect Correction Pen 8ml (Pack of 10) KF00271 Pack of 10 Stylish pen shaped corrector with fine metal tip. Squeezable body to control the flow. Contains 8ml of fluid. Covers evenly and smoothly.
(56.43% discount)
Inc Vat £21.72
Q-Connect Correction Roller (Pack of 12) KF01593Q Pack of 12 Q-Connect correction roller produces a clean, quick and precise correction. Transparent case indicates when the tape is low. Unique tensioning button tightens the tape. 5mm x 8m.
(48.9% discount)
Inc Vat £40.88
Q-Connect Mini Correction Roller (Pack of 24) KF02131 Pack of 1 Handy sized Mini correction Roller for quick coverage. Dry correction. clean, quick and precise. Can be written on instantly. No shadows. Disposable cartridge. 4.2mm x 5m.
(43.07% discount)
Inc Vat £72.84
Q-Connect Correction Fluid 20ml (Pack of 10) KF10507Q Pack of 10 Q-Connect correction fluid. White multi-purpose fluid covers up type, ink, faxes, photocopies etc. Will not flake, chip or peel and dries smooth in seconds. 20ml bottle.
(64.47% discount)
Inc Vat £10.68
Pentel Micro-Correction Fine Zl31-W Pack of 12 Fine metal tip for precise cover-ups No mess and no waste Trichloroethane-free formula Valve controlled flow for smooth coverage Easy to control lozenge-shaped barrel Contains 12ml fluid Packed 12
Inc Vat £46.99
Inc Vat £3.80
5 Star Office Rollerball CorrectionPen Pack of 12 For accurate correction Pinpoint application Packed 12 Contains 12ml fluid
(73.31% discount)
Inc Vat £14.44
5 Star Office Correction Fluid White Pack of 10 Correction fluid Integral mixer ball for consistency Good coverage over all inks Fast drying 20ml bottle Colour: White Packed 10 Brush applicator
(74.6% discount)
Inc Vat £6.16
5 Star Correction Roller Pack of 12 No mess, disposable correction tape roller Packed 12 Tape 4.2mm x 8.5m
(56.21% discount)
Inc Vat £24.96
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