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Toliet Brush and Holder White Pack of 1 Keep toilets clean with this hygienic fully enclosed durable brush and holder.
Inc Vat £5.05
Klassic 2-Ply Kitchen Roll White (6 Packs of 4 Rolls) 1105090 Pack of 1 Handy absorbent paper towel roll. Suitable for multiple uses around the home or office. Ideal for spills and general cleaning. Absorbent, strong and excellent value for money. Colour: White. 6 packs of 4 rolls.
Inc Vat £29.00
Maxima Multi Purpose Cleaner 5 Litre Pack of 2 Fragrant multi-purpose cleaner concentrate ideal for all water washable surfaces. Especially effective as a floor cleaner where low foam aids efficiency. Tangy lemon fragrance.
Inc Vat £34.73
2Work 2-Ply Forecourt Roll 400m Blue (Pack of 2) CT34137 Pack of 2 Economical 2 ply bumper roll has 1000 sheets per roll. Excellent absorption for spills, hands and general cleaning. 280mx40cm Blue.
(71% discount)
Inc Vat £16.50
Washing Up Liquid Blue 500ml (Pack of 2) 1015055 Pack of 2 Washing Up Liquid 650ml (Pk 2) WX00565 Fast easy removal of grease and food residues. Holds more grease than other leading competitors. Cuts through grease easily and effectively giving great results every time. 550ml
Inc Vat £5.90
Ecover Floor Cleaner VEVFC (Fresh perfume, plant based ingredients) 1006081 Pack of 1 Ecover Floor Cleaner. Cleans untreated, natural flooring such as marble, concrete or linoleum. Not to be used on varnished, sealed, waxed or polished flooring. Not suitable for laminate. Can also be used on decking and outdoor furniture.
Inc Vat £37.07
Cif Cream Lemon 500ml 86791 Pack of 1 Cif Cleaner Cream Lemon Fragranced 500ml Good for removing Baked on Food, Limescale and Stubborn Dirt
Inc Vat £4.13
Jeyes Fluid 1Ltr 124003 Pack of 1 Jeyes Disinfectant Deodorises drains Clears paths Disinfects patios Disinfects animal housing Cleans greenhouses Cleans waterbutts Size: 1 litre
Inc Vat £21.60
Complete Spring Cleaning Kit KMAXSCK Pack of 1 Spring Cleaning Kit. Contains cleaning cloths, rubber gloves, duster, scourer and a selection of fluid cleaners to clean and freshen the home or office hygienically.
Inc Vat £22.46
Dymapearl Antibacterial Hand Cleaner 5 Litre 0604248 Pack of 1 Dymabac Anti-Bacterial Hand Cleaner. Luxury hand cleaner to thoroughly cleanse and disinfect. The bactericidal soap is ideal in areas where high standards of hygiene are required. 5 litres.
Inc Vat £12.04
Carex Antibacterial Liquid Hand Wash 250ml (Pack of 6) KJEYS2502/6 Pack of 6 Antibacterial hand wash destroys germs. Includes added moisturising ingredients. Easy to use measured pump dispenser. Safe for all the family to use. Leaves hands hygienically clean and fresh. Suitable for sensitive skin. 250ml bottle.
Inc Vat £28.01
Carex Antibacterial Liquid Hand Wash 500ml (Pack of 6) 0604256 Pack of 6 Antibacterial hand wash destroys germs. Includes added moisturising ingredients. Easy to use measured pump dispenser. Safe for all the family to use. Leaves hands hygienically clean and fresh. Suitable for sensitive skin. 500ml bottle.
Inc Vat £39.24
Carefree Floor Maintainer 5L J030390 Pack of 1 Stage 3 Maintainer, for spraying and buffing, damp mopping or machine scrubbing Coverage - 5 litres up to 250 m2 5 litres
Inc Vat £21.14
Carefree Speed Stripper 5 Litre 100834247 Pack of 1 Carefree Floor Stripper. Powerful alkali stripper for removing floor polish, using traditional machine stripping methods. Pleasantly perfumed, suitable for all floor types. Dilute 1:20. Size: 5 litre.
Inc Vat £29.71
Cif Professional 2-in-1 Cleaner and Disinfectant 750ml 7517920 Pack of 1 General purpose kitchen disinfectant Kills Germs Fragrance free Size: 750ml Cleaner and disinfectant in one Suitable for a range of surfaces For cleaning and disinfection of all surfaces Safe and yet powerful Trigger spray for easier application
Inc Vat £5.23
Domestos Professional Toilet Cleaner 750ml 7517937 Pack of 1 Domestos Professional Limescale Remover. Grips even below the waterline to destroy tough limescale that can harbour germs. Size: 750ml.
Inc Vat £5.86
Cif Professional Power Cleaner Degreaser 750ml 7517961 Pack of 1 Kitchen cleaner Tough cleaning action Tackles grime and burnt on food 750ml spray Powerful degreaser from Cif Professional Active degreasing formula for powerful action Combines the power of Cif with an effective degreaser Ideal for caterers and cleaners
Inc Vat £5.27
Mr Muscle Max Gel Unblocker 1 Litre 685732 Pack of 1 Mr Muscle Kitchen/Bath Drain Gel. Powers through standing water Straight to the blockage. Size: 1 litre.
Inc Vat £13.67
Inc Vat £29.72
Carefree Floor Polish 5L 469000 Pack of 1 Blend of 3 polymers to give the best performance and high gloss Providing excellent adhesion and producing a hard wearing easy to maintain protective film Easy to maintain with superior resistance to black heel marking
Inc Vat £50.33
Domestos Bleach 750ml 85741 Pack of 1 Flush Proof Formula Kills All Known Germs Dead
Inc Vat £3.31
Comfort Professional Fabric Softener 5 Litre (Pack of 2) 7508496 Pack of 2 Fabric softener for professional use. Fresh fragranced. Leaves clothes invitingly soft. Ideal for volume cleaning. Pack of 2 x 5 litre bottles. Suitable for 140 washes each.
Inc Vat £29.02
Pledge Multi Surface Cleaner 400ml Aerosol (Removes dirt, dust and smudges) 688174 Pack of 1 Pledge Multi-Surface Cleaner. Worry-free formula that removes dust, dirt and smudges without harming the finish. Size: 400ml.
Inc Vat £5.78
Pledge Natural Furniture Polish 400ml 669996 Pack of 1 Pledge Natural Furniture Polish. Use on windowsills, cabinets, decorative trim, tables, chairs and more. Size: 400ml.
Inc Vat £5.78
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